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Naseem Healthcare's Walkathon Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Qatar — Naseem Healthcare's "Striding Strong, Thriving 365 Against Breast Cancer" Walkathon, took place at Aspire Park, Aspire Zone, Qatar, to raise awareness about breast cancer. The event spotlighted the significance of early detection and support for breast cancer patients. Thrive 365 emphasizes a holistic approach to breast cancer prevention and encourages year-round well-being prioritization. It reminds health awareness is a continuous for a future free from breast cancer concerns.

The Walkathon was organized by Naseem Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider with Surgical, Medical and Dental Centres spread across Qatar. The event was graced by over 300 participants and was conducted in cooperation with Qatar Cancer Society, Carrefour Qatar, Rawa by Gulf Food Production and M Active Club. The event aimed to unite the community and emphasize the importance of prevention over cure, as emphasized by Naseem Healthcare. 

The event featured the resilient cancer survivor, Dr. Mohammed Shahban, who shared his inspirational journey from adversity to triumph. His presence served as a beacon of hope for all participants. Prior to the walk, fitness experts led a brief warm-up session, ensuring that participants were physically prepared. Attendees also had the opportunity to interact with educational resources and healthcare professionals, enhancing their understanding of breast cancer prevention and early detection.

This family-friendly event welcomed individuals of all age groups, encouraging friends and family to come together in support of this important cause. Naseem Healthcare is proud to collaborate with Qatar Cancer Society in their shared mission to promote breast cancer awareness. Together, they took significant strides toward a future free from the fear of breast cancer. This initiative reflects their commitment to the cause. Educational handouts and awareness materials were provided to the participants during the Walkathon, ensuring that they had valuable resources to take home. These materials serve as a reference for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of breast cancer prevention and early detection.

Naseem Healthcare invites the community to visit Naseem Medical Centre branches for further education and guidance on the subject. The center is dedicated to providing comprehensive information, support, and expert consultations to empower individuals in their breast health journey, reinforcing their commitment to promoting overall well-being.

The Walkathon was part of a series of events that Naseem Healthcare conducts every October in response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout this month, Naseem Healthcare actively engages the community by offering a diverse array of awareness sessions and programs. These include educational workshops on self-breast examination techniques, enabling individuals to take proactive steps in self-care. 

Additionally, Naseem Healthcare provides preliminary checks through breast ultrasound and doctor consultations, ensuring early detection and guidance for those in need. Furthermore, as part of their commitment to breast health, Naseem Healthcare also offers discounted rates for mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, allowing individuals to access essential screenings with ease and convenience.